The Back Bone Of The Industry



Agam corporation emphasizes and is strict about implementing in all of our plants the international standard that is

utilized as a basic model to manage ISO 9001:2015,

which is the quality standard in the industry and service field.

Process implementation within the corporation has led the organization to focus on the customer, lower costs,

prevent fruitless waste, making the organization processes more efficient, fitting the suppliers and subcontractors

needs and Improving the employees motivation.

The corportion also emphasizes :  

Financial supervision with regards to costs and expenses.

A suitable and professional degree of documentation.

An immediate treatment of functional shortcomings.

Unification of documents, forms and the managerial paperwork.

Upgrading the reputation of the organization.

Better inspection and control.

Improving the service level.

Dealing with the customers’ complaints.

Striving for efficiency and improving/


These actions ensure, without a doubt, good business results and are important stepping stones  on the path to success and excellence. The corporation has additional authorization as a company (recognized contractor) allowing it to carry out projects for governmental bodies in the defense industry.

The corporation is authorized as a recognized contractor by international bodies such as UN and NATO forces.


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