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Key solutions for the industry


Thanks to our “One stop shop” ability Agam corporation strategy is to offer our clients an array of comprehensive solutions from the initial stages of the processing stage (From the first stage to a painted and finished product - full Turn-key).

These solutions include a vast array of actions such as: processing,  fiber laser cutting, plasma & flame cutting, punching, bending, welding, cleansing, polishing and painting of metals, all done under the same roof.

Supplying all these services in one place ensures the customers cost savings and superb supervision without compromising the quality of the products. The knowledge and experience that the corporation has accumulated throughout more than 46 years of work in this field allowed it to implement all types of works and projects, even the most complex ones with a high precision, with a large manufacturing scope all within a meticulous upholding of the scheduled time frame.


steel cutting and processing inclusive of special metals: cutting, bending, rolling, punching and drilling

The vast equipment and machines we have in our possession includes innovative and advanced machines for Fiber Laser Cutting, Plasma & Flame Cutting, Bending, Rolling, Pipes Cutting , Welding Robots, Chip Processing Machines, CNC Machines, Wet Paint Alignments which include heat supervision, Electro Static Painting System as well as Aluminum Oxide and steel grain cleansing systems.