The Back Bone Of The Industry

Projects & Products

Agam corporation operates in various segments and projects such as:
Military Industry: The corporation is a well known and authorized supplier for the ministry of defense, IDF ,U.N and NATO forces. Agam develops and manufactures Ballistic Observation Towers In Corporation with Plasan – a global leader in Armor solutions. Construction and Infrastructure field: manufacturing of molds for high rises (The Branovich method) for projects throughout Israel, including molds for bridges , segments and intersections, tunnels etc. Water and Energy: Providing services for the green energy segment, power plants, solar energy, geothermic power-stations, natural gas as well as desalination. Civil Industry: Component manufacturing, various metal and steel kit assemblies with a high manufacturing standard and precision.

1. Military Industries - GDLS USA

 Manufacuring of kit assmblies for Armored Militay Vehicles : Nmr-Armored Personnel Carrier, Merkava Tank and more

2. Military Industries - Ballistic Observation Towers

 Manufacuring of Ballistic Observation Towers in corporation with Plasan.

3. Amiad Corp. - Water Filtration Systems

  Manufucturing of water filtration systems - world wide

4. Ormat Industries

 The supply of special metal construction for

Geothermal power plants in New-Zealand and other projects worlde wide


5. The Carmel Tunnels

The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds

6. Lachish Industries RMH

Manufacturing of tanks, kits and assembly parts for the cattle feeding machinery and mixers


7. The Carmel tunnel bridges


The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds for all the bridges columns

8. Jerusalem Bridge


 The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds for the bridge

9. Cotroceni Shopping Mall - Bocharest


Manufaturing of the metal construction for the Mall's roof

10. The String Bridge - Jerusalem

 Sheet metal and very thick steel processing for the bridge constraction 

11. Ben Gurion International Airport

The manufacture of the main dinning room - steel and aluminum construction 

12. Mamilla Jerusalem


   Mamilla project in Jerusalem is a 30 acre of offices, commercial spaces, a 600 meter promenade and a hotel.

The manufacture of molds for the cornices of the project   



13. Pedestrian Bridge - Bnay Dror Intersection


Manufuturing of iron and steel elements

14. Bridge over road no.4 - Em Hamoshavot


The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds for the bridge


15. Containers bridge - Haifa


The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds for the bridge

16. Givon Compound Tel-Aviv - under construction


Manufucturing of steel beams for a 1000 spaces parking lot


17. Bridge over road no.22 - Haifa


 The Manufacure and supply of pre-fabricated molds for the bridge beams

18. Welded steel beams for many projects

Logistic infrastracures