The Back Bone Of The Industry

About us

Agam corporation was founded in 1972, with over 46 years of experience the corporation developed into the spearhead and the backbone of the Israeli industry. 

Our quality footprint may be seen currently everywhere: infrastructure, bridges, high rises, tunnels, heavy construction, defense industries and more, both in Israel and all over the world.

The corporation has 3 metal production and processing plants on a total area of 50,000 square feet, concentrating the most modern advanced technology for cutting, sheet metal processing, punching, bending and welding steel, stainless steel and special metals in different widths and dimention.

The corporation has engineering departments, providing the best production solutions, including  cost and viability calculations for projects and/or products through means of cost savings, whilst taking into account each and every client requirements and schedules. 

The corporation employs 400 strong work force that upholds a code of ethic and strict procedures ensuring the highest possible level of service and quality for the corpoprations customers in Israel and overseaes.


The corp. is preparing for the train project and has begun creating professional and specialized authorization for the workers.

The corporation is expanding its’ operation scope in Maalot, has started planning and constructing another production hall 3000 meters in size.

The corporation is negotiating
Producing machine packaging

Producing machine packaging The corporation has begun negotiations with one of the leading companies in the world to enter the field of machine packaging production in the yearly extent of millions of shekels.

Our Clients


Agam corporation handels approximately one thousand permanent customers. Each customer's operational volume is different, totaling tens of thousands to millions of shekels annualy. The corporations largest customers include: Ministry of defense and auxiliary units, Plasan Sasa, Ormat, Rafael, Ramta ( the Israel Aerospace Industry), Lachish industries (manufactures agriculture machinery), Ashtrum, Ackerstein, Amiad Filtering Systems, Siemens,Bright-source and others.