The Back Bone Of The Industry

Ethics Code


Agam corporation – is obligated to honesty and the utmost of integrity while managing their business. The corporation as well as all of its’ workers and managers believes that an ethic and uncompromising conduct is the key to gain the customers’, business partners, suppliers and customers’ trust, and is crucial for the concerns’ existence and future success in the long run.

The corporation expects that all of her employees comply and conduct themselves according to this ethics code with accordance to this detailed document. Beyond the lawful and legal scope, it is expected from each Agam corps. worker to uphold high standards of conduct while carrying out his/her job, both personally as well as professionally. Each and every employee must act honestly and with credibility in all aspects of his/her job, while interacting with other co-workers, with the corps and its’ owners, with the customers and suppliers, with the public, with the business community and with governmental and public bodies.

All of the corporation workers are obliged to abide by the rules of this document in all aspect of their activities within the company in addition to the decisions concerning commerce, investments, customers, partners, sub-contractors, suppliers and any matter concerning their vocation within the company. This document applies to all of the concern activities in all of the countries to which it provides its’ products or services. 


Conduct policy

The corp. and its’ workers will act in accordance to the rules of the state of Israel as well as international laws in any aspect regarding the company or managing business in any country to which it supplies its’ products or services. The corp. and its’ employees will act by means of social responsibility even beyond the legal obligation to abide by the law, striving to lead as well as lead by example. 

Respect for workers

A.    Agam is obliged to give each existing worker as well as each potential worker an equal opportunity in all work aspects. The corp. forbids any discrimination on the base of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, handicap sexual preference, familial status or political viewpoint in appointing positions and professional promotion .

B.    Every employee will enjoy basic rights with accordance to the law. The corp. and its’ workers will treat all array of workers with equality and respect. Each employee is entitled to freedom of thought, conscious, religion and vocalizing opinion just as long as they don’t hurt the feelings and rights of other employees.

C.    All of the employees and managers must refrain from any kind of violence, rude behavior or threaten any of the others employees in the company. Sexual harassment, physical or verbal violence as well as any other activity that might create a hurtful or hostile environment for one of the corp. employees will be considered forbidden conduct. 

D.    The corp. will respect the right to privacy of its employees and suppliers. The corp. and its’ employees will implement caution while handling and storing personal information, in order to prevent such information from being distributed and in order to ensure privacy as much as possible. 

Business Integrity

A.    The corp. and its managers believe that their success depends on their ability to be a step ahead of their competitors. Nonetheless, the corp. employees will conduct themselves with honesty and integrity whilst strictly abiding by the ethical code even under the constraints of fierce competition. Agam corp. has built itself a reputation of a respectable and honest company with integrity and all of her employees and managers will act accordingly.

B.    The corp. employees and managers are requested not to spread falsified or misleading information which stigmatizes the competitors and their business in matters such as their stability, their financial liquidity, their skills, the quality of their products or their credibility as a supplier. One must abstain from wrongfully using the competitors’ commercial secrets or any business information.

Integrity towards the corps’ customers

A. Clients and partners must be treated equally and fairly. A confrontation created between a number of partners or customers must be solved on the basis of equality and fairness whilst protecting the corps’ interest in the long run.

B. Integrity and trustworthiness – untrue information regarding the corp., its’ technologies, its’ products and their quality, its’ schedules (for development or supplying from manufacturing) or any other business aspects with the intent to mislead or present false information, must not be passed on to the customers, partners, the press or the public.


Corruption and conflict of interest

A.    Agam corp.  are committed not to give or receive any kind of bribe, not to offer or respond to any type of bribe, not to give or receive any form of illegal payment that is not out in the open and ethical, and abstain from any corrupt business action. Furthermore the concerns funds must not be used to support political action of any kind.

B.    The interest of the concern must always be taken under consideration while making decisions or implementing them, there must be abstinence from personal consideration of gain or making decisions that derive from personal connections. Likewise there must be abstinence from any action that might create a conflict of interest between the employee and the company.

C.    It is forbidden as an employee of the company to act with intent to create personal profit or to assist others to gain profits from business opportunities that present themselves by means of using Agam or the corp. business information as a whole.

D.    The employees of the concern are forbidden from maintaining business relations with other companies, managing private businesses with customers or other partners, suppliers or concern competitors. Any investment of time and resources in an external business action that requires time and diverts the employees attention from his/her fluent work will be considered as a business transaction which violates the code of ethics.

E.    Similarly, the employees of the corp. are forbidden to make decisions in matters concerning the corps. relations with another body while carrying out personal relations (family, friends) with the other side.

Using the corps’ assets


Agam corp. has material, business, commercial as well as other assets. All use of the corps’ assets will be done legally and ethically and only for the purpose of promoting the corps’ business as follows:

A.    Material assets – all the material assets such as products, raw material, inspection and production equipment, furniture and office supplies will be used for the sole purpose of promoting the corps’ business activity. They must be kept intact and undamaged and are forbidden for personal use, they must not be passed on or lent to others and they must not be sold or disposed of without permission.

B.    Intellectual property – The Agam corp. acknowledges the importance of intellectual property and the need to safeguarding the secrecy of information within the steel industry. The Agam corp. and her employees will take all of the necessary measures required to guard and empower the corp’s intellectual property, preventing any damage to the intellectual property of other companies.

C.    Secret information – The corp. employees will avoid access with the corps’ confidential or secret information and will not make use such information, unless their job requires it. Likewise employees will avoid passing of information to others whether during or after their work hours, unless they get precise authorization from the corps’ administration. This prohibition also applies to secret intellectual property information of companies the corp. has signed a contract or a non disclosure agreement (NDA) with.


Computer systems and communication


The corps’ computer and communications systems include personal computers, software and communication networks that will be used only for the corps’ needs. It is prohibited to use these systems for access, retrieval, sending, distributing, displaying, storing or typing of any information that has within it a means of lead astray, harass, slander or threaten. This prohibition is valid also concerning information that is considered an abomination, racist, pornographic or any other information that doesn’t abide to legal, professional and ethical conduct.

Business partners

The corp. and her employees, to their best of their ability, will try to work only with suppliers and sub contractors that manage their business honestly with integrity, abide by the law, avoid corruption and meticulously see to it that their conduct is ethical. 

Distributing the ethics code

A.    The document will be handed to all of the new corp. employees upon their job acceptance. The English version of this document can be found in English on the corps’ website.

B.    Each and every one of the company employees will abide by this document and act according to it. Any questions or clarifications with regard to the meaning or implementation of a certain clause in the document can be directed to the direct manager, the human resources CEO or to the head of the legal department.

C.    Each company manager must confirm that the employees subordinate to him are aware of the ethical code and abide by it. This responsibility also includes explaining to the employees and guiding them in order to ensure they are aware of the code and understand it. A manager that gets word of one of his subordinates violating the code must immediately report it to one of the company’s CEO’s.

Violating the ethics code

A.    Violation of the ethics code might lead to disciplinary measures regarding the violating employee, including terminating his/her employment or implementing legal action against him/her.

B.    Any report or complaint with regard to violation of the ethics code can be directed to the human resource department or to any one of the company’s CEO’s. All reports will be thoroughly examined with the sensitivity it requires while keeping it completely classified and secret.

C.    The concern, its’ employees and managers will not fire, suspend, threaten, discriminate against, take revenge against or implement any disciplinary steps against an employee who reports another employees breech of the ethics code. On the other hand, the concern might take disciplinary measures against an employee who knowingly and not in good faith reported  falsified claims.