The Back Bone Of The Industry

Agam Flame sercive - Quality Steel Solutions


Machines technology:
Plasma machinery
3.10 by 13 meter
2.5 by 12.5 meter
2.5 by 6 meter
The machines include HYPERTHERM 260 ampere plasma heads,
combined with computerized systems
that cut straight until a thickness of 38 millimeter.
Two blade cutting machines,
with 3 heads and a table of 2.5 by 6


Water Jet cutting machine
(Water Jet) with the biggest
table in the country – 3.5 by 12 meter.
Tin tumbler for up to 16 millimeter tumbling,
up to 3 meter length
a minimum of 495 millimeter in diameter.
Phase producing machines
C.N.C computerized drilling machines.

Agam Flame sercive