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Agam Maalot - Key solutions to metal industries

Many years of experience generated the great advantage of Agam Metal Works – Ma'alot as a leading plant for designing and manufacturing of Turn-Key projects for both the civilian and military markets, including cutting, machining and welding of steel, aluminum and stainless steel, and wet and electrostatic (powder) painting solutions.

The plant is a certified supplier for the Israel Ministry of Defense, the IDF, UN and Nato Forces and leading players in the defense industry specilizing in assembly kits and development of ballistic Observation Towers in corporation with Plasan. For the civilian industry, Agam Ma'alot supplies diverse components and assemblies. It serves customers dealing with green energy, water and electricity, including infrastructure components for complex systems, transformers, filters, parts for converting passenger planes etc. Additionally, the plant manufactures a wide array of molds for industrialized and pre-fabricated construction, including molds for bridges and high-risers

The plant's customers enjoy engineering and designing services which together with production lines and workshops provide an inclusive solution that includes product design from its initial stages, through supervision over different production stages to submission of the finished product. Along with excellent service, the company has a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001 – 2015 standard that ensures every product manufactured by the company undergoes strict quality control before being handed to the customer.



2 laser machines up to 6 KW,
table size 2000*4000 millimeter
2 plasma pipe cutting machines
A bending machine up to 320 ton

A C.N.C microchip processing bridge,
maximum table size 1600*3000 millimeter
C.N.C engravers,
conventional microchip processers


Welding and a welding robot 
Steel grain cleansing line,
Aluminum oxide cleansing lines
Electrostatic painting line with an oven for pre-heating,
for parts weighing up to 1 ton.
Tumblers up to 3,100 millimeter wide,
4 cylinders, tins up to 15 millimeter thickness.

Agam Maalot

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