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Agam Haifa - Sheet Metal Advanced Technologies

Israel's leading plant for Sheet metal processing, laser cutting, punching and bending

Presents the next generation of sheet metal and stainless steel cutting in the Israeli industry

Agam Haifa, with top quality innovative machinery, provides its customers with advanced, complex solutions for sheet metal processing, unique complex welding works, passivation and finishing processes on various metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

The plant is located in the Haifa bay, occupies a roofed area of 50,000m2, employs some 60 professional metal workers, including engineering teams, CNC programmer teams and a strict control and quality assurance system. The plant specializes in sheet metal processing using advanced technologies, including an array of FIBER LASER cutting machines 2.5-6.5m (6-10kw), bending up to 1,000 tons in up to 40mm width and 4.5m length, various bending up to 8.1m, sheet metal punching using precise CNC machinery..

The plant operates according to ISO 9001 – 2015 standard.


Hydraulic Press

An angle hydraulic press for sheet metal up to 4 millimeter.
50 ton hydraulic press
125 ton hydraulic press
Punching Peddinghaus machine 60 ton,
to a thickness of 20 millimeter

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Eagle Fiber Laser

10KW fiber optic for thin sheet metal with an automatic feed

6/2.5 Meter table

Eagle Fiber Laser

6KW fiber optic for thin sheet metal with an automatic feed

1.5/3 Meter table

BYSTRONIC Fiber Laser 
fiber optic for thin sheet metal with an automatic feed,
1.5/3.0 meter table.
One of the fastest and most precise in the country.

BYSTRONIC  fiber laser,
6KW intensity,
2.0*4.0 meter table
with up to 16 millimeter cutting.

KW6 intensity,
2.5*6.5 meter table,
on of the biggest ones in the country,
with up to 16 millimeter cutting.

AXEL LVD laser,
KW4 intensity,
1.5*3 meter table
with up to 20 millimeter cutting,
automatic feed,
special technique for cutting steel armor,
stainless steel and aluminum.


Finishing Processes

900 millimeter crosswise burnishing
for tins after processing.

900 millimeter DEBORING machine
for breaking off sharp
edges on the lining
and burnishing after processing.

Square tumbler for breaking off edges of thick parts.

Finishing and polishing machines
with a paste
for stainless steel and aluminum.

Guillotine and Roller Cutters

At our disposal is the only computerized LVD guillotine
in the country which includes an automated tin feed 4 meters in length
reaches a thickness up to 6 millimeter,
the precision of cutting is 0.1-0.5 millimeter,
depending on the thickness of the metal.
Is especially efficient in cutting medium and big sized series.

Computerized roller 2 meter long up to 4 millimeter thickness,
is able to roll cylinders and ellipses,
precise and symmetrical shapely rolling.

Manual rollers for pipes and profiles.    

Welding and Assembling

At our disposal are highly advanced welding work stations that are able to implement an array of welding jobs from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and iron.

    Furthermore we have a TIG welding robot especialy for serial productions . 

Punching Machines

up to 8 millimeter  processing,
table size 1300*2500.

 TRUMPH 2000,
very fast, up to 3 millimeter  processing,
table size 1250/1250 according to re-positioning.

Bending Machines

At our disposal are 9 automated bending machines:

 bending machine 640 ton LVD

8.1 meter in length,
9 bending hinges,
the distance between posts 7 meters.

Bending machine 80 ton LVD

2 meter in length,
for precise works up to 2 millimeter.

Bending machine 55 ton LVD 
2.5 meter in length,
for precise works up to 6 millimeter.

Bending machine 25 ton SIMAT 
1.2 meter in length,
for delicate jobs.

Bending machine 110 ton LVD
4 meter in length,
7 bending hinges.

Bending machines 170 ton LVD 

4.2 ton meter in length,

9 bending hinges including
an automated angel correction,
the distance between the posts 3.65 meter.
BP 400 ton – LVD computerized,
6 hinges 4 meters in length.

Bending machine 1000 ton LVD
4.5 meter length f
or thick thickness and steel armor.

Agam Haifa

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